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Artists from all around world add color to blank canvasses of the streets everyday, beautifying empty, unconventional spaces with one stroke after another.

But who are the minds behind all this street art?

Here are our top picks for Best Street Art Festivals!

Festival Asalto

The “Asalto” is the International Urban Art Festival that since 2005 and for several months hits the streets of the old town of Zaragoza with avant-garde artistic proposals, participatory and impressive works developed by urban artists and artistic groups of the national and international scene. It is therefore a global interaction with the city, both urban and social, that year after year attracts artists and groups and citizens and tourists.

As a concept it is an unique artistic and creative experience because the entire creative process and its execution is performed in the city of Zaragoza, being its streets the best workshop, the best canvas and the best gallery. Asalto has become a festival that aims to explore, discover or rediscover the urban space through artistic activities, actions and different urban experiences to transform the public space into a participatory, colorful, friendly and culturally open and active scenario.

Over the years, Festival Asalto has acquired a notorious weight in the cultural program of Zaragoza being one of the few proposals that prevails over time. Asalto is the oldest urban art festival of Spain.

Bloop Festival Ibiza

An avant-garde project by Biokip Labs, the world’s first proactive art festival came to life in 2011. Based on the ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”, this fiesta is held for entirely free. To encourage a general public to reflect on current social issues through Art, breathtaking Art that is understandable for everybody.
Such as gigantic murals, interactive installations, music, workshops, parties, video mappings/installations, new media art, traditional paintings, sculptures of all natures, street art, installations, open air drive ins, special events, contests, photography and more.

Every edition addresses a specific theme, which artists build their work on. Their works communicate a clear message, encouraging the spectator to reflect on the annual theme.  Sensitising any person who comes in contact. In other words, opening doors to everybody and anybody to the world of art.

BLOOP has also changed the face of Ibiza by bringing Art & Culture. Adding a new trend to the traditional tourism based on its beautiful beaches, outdoor sports, and famous nightlife.


Upfest – The Urban Paint Festival was created in 2008 between three crazy art loving individuals. Inspired by Super Cans (Southampton), Cans Festival (London) and the growing number of paint jams around the UK.

It’s a multi-venue urban festival with the 1.3km stretch of North Street in Bedminster at it’s center, connecting venues and painting locations. The multi-venue urban setting has given the festival it’s transient feel, with visitors encouraged to explore and find out what’s around the next corner.

MURAL Festival Montreal

Born in 2012, Montreal’s MURAL Festival is an eleven day event celebrating the international urban art movement. With live art, music, exhibitions and artist talks, the Festival is an important gathering of the global artistic community. World class musicians and visual artists collaborate for a cultural celebration in the heart of Montreal.

As an international public art festival bound to the celebration of creativity and the democratization of urban art, MURAL transforms for a week the Saint-Laurent Boulevard into a real open-air museum where local and international artists unite their talents in the most creative manners.

Open Walls, Baltimore

Open Walls Baltimore is an unparalleled street art project managed by and located in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District and curated by Gaia. The finest and most widely recognized street artists from around the world are mounting an outdoor exhibition of extraordinary murals that enlivens public spaces, stimulates community revitalization, national dialogue, and attracts visitors and investors to Station North.

On addition to vamping up the neighborhood, Open Walls Baltimore also opened up a forum for discussions on public art and featuring multiple events and community gatherings that have brought residents of the area together.