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Bloop Festival Ibiza

Season:Summer Month:August Frequency:Yearly Country:Spain First Edition:2011 Continent:Europe

An avant-garde project by Biokip Labs, the world’s first proactive art festival came to life in 2011. Based on the ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”, this fiesta is held for entirely free. To encourage a general public to reflect on current social issues through Art, breathtaking Art that is understandable for everybody.
Such as gigantic murals, interactive installations, music, workshops, parties, video mappings/installations, new media art, traditional paintings, sculptures of all natures, street art, installations, open air drive ins, special events, contests, photography and more.

Every edition addresses a specific theme, which artists build their work on. Their works communicate a clear message, encouraging the spectator to reflect on the annual theme.  Sensitising any person who comes in contact. In other words, opening doors to everybody and anybody to the world of art.

BLOOP has also changed the face of Ibiza by bringing Art & Culture. Adding a new trend to the traditional tourism based on its beautiful beaches, outdoor sports, and famous nightlife.

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