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Season:summer3 Month:August3 Continent:Europe3 Country:United Kingdom frequency:yearly3 First edition:2009

Boomtown Fair is a British music festival held for four days each year in mid-August. The festival takes place at the Matterley Estate in Hampshire.

Each “Chapter” of the festival, which refers to each edition, carries out the storyline of the previous years in a series that began on 2009. The location of the festival is divided into various districts and many actors play the role of native inhabitants in these venues. The 2018 Chapter was the tenth, and was called “The Machine Cannot Be Stopped.”

Throughout the years, the festival has expanded and transformed itself, promoting UK underground music and theatre, and the numbers of attendees has grown from a thousand into sixty thousand.

This year, for the Eleventh Chapter, the festival will take place from 7-11 August 2019.


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Boomtown 2018, Image: Charlie Raven
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