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Bregenzer Festspiele

Season:summer5 Month:June Continent:Europe Nation:Austria First edition:1946 Frequency:yearly

Bregenzer Festspiele is a performing arts festival held annually in July and August in Bregenz, Austria. The festival boasts the largest floating stage of the world, placed on Lake Constance and called Seebühne.

Bergenzer Festival was founded post WWII, in 1946, featuring a broad range of musical and theatrical performances across several venues.

Apart from the floating stage with a capacity of 7,000 where opera and musical performances are held, other stages include Festspielhaus which presents performances of rare opera and concerts, Werkstattbühne for contemporary performances, Theater am Kornmarks with operetta and drama, and finally shed8/Theater Kosmos is the venue for drama and cross culture performances.

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra is the largest contributor to the Festival, performing each year since the beginning.


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