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London International Festival of Theatre

Season:spring5 Month:May Continent:Europe Nation:United Kingdom First edition:1981 Frequency:biyearly

London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) is a festival of theatre and performance arts held once every two years in London, hosting also year-round activity. The festival was founded in 1981 by Rose Fenton and Lucy Neal with an aim to “challenge British theatre and open a window on the world”.

The festival supports works that doesn’t obey convention and with the force to unite. They present productions in partnership with major arts venues in London from theatres to galleries.

In 2018, LIFT was held from 25 May until 22 July, with a programme including 17 productions, 5 world premieres and 8 UK premieres.


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London International Festival of Theatre

Martin Steffen

Tod Seelie

Kevin Yatarola

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