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OSA – Operazione Street Art

Season:Fall Month:September Frequency:Yearly Country:Italy First Edition:Europe Continent:Europe

OSA – Operazione Street Art is an urban art festival run in Diamante (Italy) , the city counts about 335 Mural Works in the historical center which can be defined as a real open-air museum that has been carrying out this ambitious project for decades, with the participation – still in progress – of numerous national and international artists among the such as Pablo Atchugarry and Baruch Kadmon.

In 1981, thanks to the intuition and the dream of the Genoese painter Nani Razetti, the historic center of Diamante came to life with the arrival of 85 painters from all over the world who frescoed the entire village. The city is called “ the country of noses upwards ” ( “ il paese dei nasi all’insù ” ).

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