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Sapporo Snow Festival

Season:Winter Month:February Continent:Asia Frequency:Yearly Country:Japan First Edition:1950

The Sapporo Snow festival is a winter festival held each year in Sapporo, Japan in February.

The main locations in which the festival is held are Odori Park in Susukino, and Tsudome. Being one of the largest winter events, two million people have come to Sapporo in 2007 to enjoy the festivities and hundreds of ice and snow sculptures at the venues. There is also a Snow Sculpture Competition held at Odori Park in which 14 teams from different countries compete.

The statues may be a famous person, or a building, and music performances are held in stages made out of snow. Around 400 statues are displayed in the festival. Ice slides, a maze of ice, and regional foods of Hokkaido are available to enjoy as well!

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