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Season:summer3 Month:July3 Continent:Europe3 Country:Belgium frequency:yearly3 First edition:2005

Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival held in Belgium since 2005. It is organized by ID & T in the vast park of Schorre, near the town of Boom.

The festival is also famous for the fantasy decorations that characterize the boxes, from which stands fireworks, water fountains, smoke and confetti. In 2012, 16 boxes were prepared in which various DJs alternated for 12 hours a day and 180,000 visitors were counted during the weekend.

The festival and brand that is now known across the world and in many different languages had its fair share of trials and tribulations at the start.

The gigantic festival we know today that sells out in seconds and welcomes people from every corner of the world had to struggle to build their reputation and to bring their fairy-tale reality into the hearts of dance music lovers everywhere.

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